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Consultants Network

Consultants' Network - The DC Transformer

on April 10, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Speaker Newton E. Ball
Topic Info

Abstract – The DC Transformer

By Inventor Newton E. Ball

There has been an explosion of the number massive computer data centers worldwide in the past decade. The pace of new construction is continuing.

These behemoth rooms are full of devices that need power. That creates a clear need to change the way power is delivered to all of the systems. These changes need to take into account delivery of power in the most efficient manner, while minimizing heat in the data center.

In this presentation Mr. Ball will explain his DC transformer invention. He will explain the scope of the problem and how the DC transformer is uniquely suited to solve the power issues in a data center.

Newt will also spend time explaining the basic concepts of the DC transformer, the main design issues and how they can be mitigated. He will also provide some of the challenges of designing and using a DC transformer.

The talk will conclude with Mr. Ball’s vision of the future of the DC transformer.

This presentation is expected to be conducted in a conversational style and questions are welcomed throughout the presentation.

Speaker Bio

Newton Ball is an engineer, inventor, and consultant.  His primary specialty is analog circuit design, but he also has expertise in power supplies and electromagnetics.

Mr. Ball has worked for more than 10 companies with varying engineering responsibilities, including Convair Astronautics and Space Sciences Laboratory.   He worked on the first flight of the Atlas missile at Convair.  He has been awarded 27 patients.

As an independent inventor, Newt as worked with Coherent Winding [same lead and same lay, all layers of all windings] to eliminate close wire crossings. He invented Second Decade ElectroMagnetics, a complete rewrite of switching power practice, that replaces Pulse Width Modulation [PWM] with systems that continuously reflect load changes to the source with a constant nanosecond delay.  Newt is also the inventor of the DC Transformer as a part of  Second Decade ElectroMagnetics. 

Newt has a BSEE [Honors] HKN, Sigma Xi, from the University of California at Berkeley.  He is a member of the IEEE.  He is currently consulting in electrical engineering and is always looking for new opportunities.

See attached file for more information on the DC Transformer

Location Giovanni's Restaurant, 9353 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard at Ruffin Road, in Kearney Mesa
The meeting is at Giovanni's Restaurant, 9353 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard at Ruffin Road, in Kearney Mesa. Giovanni's Restaurant (also called Giovanni's Pizza) is located near the Interstate 15, SR 163 and SR 52 freeways. Please see the map  at Click the little map on the web site for a bigger map.
Agenda 6:00 - 7:00 dinner and networking
7:00 - 8:30 presentation

Cost Free - Buy your own dinner
RSVP No RSVP needed, just show up.

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