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San Diego Startup Week 2017

on June 19, 2017 from 10:00 AM to June 23, 2017 at 8:00 PM

Speaker Various
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  • FYI
    A "can't miss" event!

    General admission before 6/17/17: $75 ($25 for students & vets) -a great value for unlimited access to an epic week of inspiring events, networking, parties, and educational seminars (150+ events over the 5 days with 9am-5pm being "content" & eves being more "social").
    June 19 – 23, 2017
    5 Days, 15 Tracks, Over 150 Events

    Once a year, Startup Week brings together entrepreneurs to share progress, exchange resources, and celebrate the thriving innovation community. We’re putting all our efforts into bringing together the community to showcase exciting local innovation, share resources and knowledge, and strengthen connections. Join thousands of San Diego’s brightest entrepreneurs, developers, designers, top-tier investors, strategic advisors, community leaders and civic supporters, students and talent — all of whom contribute to San Diego’s thriving startup ecosystem!

    Over 150 events over 5 days — categorized into ‘Tracks’
    (1) The Idea Track
    The Idea Track is for anybody with an idea for a startup — early-stage entrepreneurs, college students interested in starting up after graduation and anyone interested in developing skills to launch business. Validate your idea, join a startup team, or solve a problem.

    (2) The Seed Track
    The Seed Track is for startups looking to achieve product-market fit and solidify the business model. Events cover everything from validation to finding your right core team to taking product design to the next level. Learn to define and refine your MVP and groom for a seed round.

    (3) The Scale Track
    The Scale Track is for startups ready to grow fast. A solid product is built and you’ve generated traction and customers. Events cover everything from raising large rounds, business development, scaling operations and customer support, to knowing when to exit.

    (4) The Developer Track
    The developer track is targeted towards developers that write and create the software and entrepreneurs that build businesses around them.

    (5) The Social Track
    brings you the evenings’ fun! Join us for an epic event each evening of Startup Week.

    (6) The Design Track
    The Design Track focuses on teaching both entrepreneurs and designers how to apply new perspectives of thinking to their business. Learn how to iterate to create passion — welcoming all intrigued by Design Thinking.

    (7) The Cyber Security Track
    With headlines of data breaches and compromised information daily, Cybersecurity acts to respond and protect companies from being a victim.

    (8) The BioTech Track
    Working to explore, expand and evaluate San Diego’s biotech scene.

    (9) The Craft Beverage Track
    The Craft Beverage Track celebrates the intersection of the booming craft beverage industry in San Diego with the ever-growing tech and startup scene.

    (10) The CrossBorder (Cali/Baja) Track
    invites attendees to examine Tijuana’s tech scene and explore business opportunities across the border.

    (11) The Impact Track
    Building an ecosystem that is conducive to the success of everyone.

    (12) The Cannabis Track
    Real word experience from the Cannabis Industry

    (13) The Marketing Track
    Strategies and Tactics for Growth Marketers to understand your growth funnel and close your customers.

    (14) The Future Track
    What is next? The FutureTech track focuses on the technologies of tomorrow that are in their infancy today.

    (15) The CleanTech Track
    Where sustainability meets profitability. Discover why San Diego is the Mecca for CleanTech Innovation.




    See you there!

Speaker Bio Various
Location Downtown San Diego
Agenda JOIN the SD IEEE EXCOM members at this awesome event
Cost $25-$100

Q&A Enrique, Alfonso, Kathy, Upkar

See you there!

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