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GPS – Swiss Jamming Trials

on May 1, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Speaker Heinz Wipf of AirNavConulting
Topic Info

GPS – Swiss Jamming Trials

Jamming of GPS is an important aspect of modern navigation system. A presentation about a live test of the effects of jamming on airborne platforms is given.
Real live jamming trials allowed studying the in-channel RF-interference susceptibility of GNSS navigation capabilities in airborne aircraft. While emitting 200mW EIRP from a ground based jammer against L1-C/A signals of visible GPS SV's, all trial aircraft flew an approach like trajectory on an elevated mountain range plateau in Switzerland. For the first time, rotary/fixed wing and civil/military aircraft had a chance to investigate their performance in a realistic jamming scenario. All aircraft had to carry recording equipment so as to allow for an analysis of aircraft behavioral data, ranging from RX C/No to flight management data.
Elaboration of the motivation, experimental set-up, performance assessment, and show-stoppers is presented.

Speaker Bio

Heinz Wipf – the founding president and a current board member of the Swiss Association of Aeronautical Sciences and the Institute of Navigation.


Heinz Wipf received his engineering diploma in communication and Computer science from the Technikum Winterthur Switzerland.


 His experience includes 35 years with the Swiss Air Navigation Services Ltd. in fields of radio navigation, business development, statistics and operational - technical program management.

He worked with Siemens in research and development. He was active as an assistant professor and lecturer for over 20 years in electrical communication systems at the College of Engineering Zurich and for navigation systems at the Zurich University of Applied Science in Winterthur.


He is the founder of and chairs the Swiss-Chapter on IEEE Aerospace Electronic Systems.

In his capacity as a subject matter expert he has participated in a number of international working groups within ICAO and Eurocontrol. He holds several patents and serves an expert witness on oath in Austria. He currently runs his own company AIRNAVCONSULTING in Zurich as managing director and senior ANS-expert.


Address:Zurich, Switzerland

Location Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Training Center 10401 Roselle St. San Diego, CA

6:00 Social/Networking (Refreshments Provided)

6:30 Presentation


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