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SD IEEE EMC Chapter Meeting: Software Automation & Monitoring of EMC Testing

on June 1, 2017 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Speaker Mr. Olivier Roffe of NEXIO
Topic Info

Using software tools for easy automation, monitoring of EMC testing and quick, customizable reports. New uses of machine vision/recognition detection capability for remote, automatic stop/start of testing and notification by email or text message of status or events to engineering staff.

Speaker Bio

 Olivier Roffe has been an EMC lab engineer for well over two decades. His career started in the early 1990's when he was at Airbus. He was introduced to the 'black magic' world of EMC there at Airbus and rose in those ranks happily. He was a key part and lead of the EMC team that developed the Airbus reverberation EMC test requirements. He proposed and validated ways to accurately compare and correllate reverb results with more 'normal' anechoic testing procedures. He also developed software needed for complete test automation. Olivier left Airbus in 2002 and joined with the group who had been working to complete the BAT-EMC software program since 1995. By 2003, Olivier and the team around him created NEXIO the company. The new corporation was purposed to focus entirely on EMC technology and easy software automation of all test procedures. NEXIO was formed from EMC engineers not software engineers. The BAT-EMC software suite is a complete Lab Integration software system that is now used by EMC laboratories all over the world. In the last two years, due to demand and customer expansion, Nexio has opened a division here in the US and supports customers in North America.

Location TUV-America, 10040 Mesa Rim Road, San Diego, CA

(Exit west from I-15 or east from 805 at Mira Mesa Blvd., turn South on Flanders and right on Mesa Rim. TUV-America is on the right side of the street)


6:30 pm Light Dinner & Networking

6:50 pm Brief Chapter Business Briefing

7:00 pm Presentation

7:45 pm Questions/Wrap-up

Cost N/A

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