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Matrix Drives Offer New Clean Power Architecture for Variable Frequency Drives [SD IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) chapter Meeting ]

on May 29, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Speaker Pierce Verleur
Topic Info
  • What is a Matrix Drive? Direct AC to AC commutation and elimination of the DC Buss.
  • Matrix versus traditional power deck architecture for VFDs
  • IEEE519 compliant solutions: a comparison.
  • Are present IEEE519 compliant solutions truly compliant in the total speed range of operation?
  • Efficiency of VFD/motor combination
  • Comparison of output voltage on traditional versus Matrix technologies
  • Reliability calculations MTBF
  • Ancillary considerations-floor space, handling waste heat,
  • Demonstration of real-time oscilloscope traces for input and output waveforms of Matrix drive

Speaker Bio

Mr. Verleur received a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and an MBA in Finance. He began his career as a staff engineer for Carpenter Steel Corp. He co-founded two companies Industrial Drives Design in 1984 and Rosa Automation Engineering in 1990. Rosa was merged with EMS of Cincinnati in 1995 and ultimately acquired by Magnetek in 1999. Pierce held the position of Western Facility General Manager for EMS from 1995 to 1999. The Magnetek Drives Group was acquired by Yaskawa Electric in early 2001.

 Mr. Verleur's experience with AC and DC drives began in 1980. He has worked extensively with motor and motion control since then, developing several new products as well as new solutions to traditional motor control applications. VFDs controlling induction motors in areas such as high-speed direct drive test stands and induction motor servo control are examples. More recently, addressing power quality issues associated with the usage of large HP VFDs have been required.

Location 10401 Roselle St San Diego, California, Advanced Test Equipment Rentals
Cost Free, but please RSVP.

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